VSCode Extensions for Markdown

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  • Pub Dec 24, 2022
  • Edited Dec 29, 2022
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VSCode Extensions for Markdown

Recommend vscode Markdown extensions.

Markdown All in One

Markdown All in One is a must one for editing Markdown. It contains Markdown preview, keyboard shortcuts, auto preview, and more….

The shortcuts will make editing Markdown much easy:

Path completion:

Dictionary Completion

Dictionary Completion extension tab complete words and hopefully reduce spelling errors:

Paste Image

Insert more screenshots to Markdown files. Paste Image helps save images with greenshot. This extension supports Mac/Windows/Linux.


Need to draw diagrams. Extension Draw.io Integration:


Kanbn stores the kanban board and tasks inside repository as markdown files. Easy to view and edit tasks using any editor with the benefit Git’s version control and collaboration features project.


Avoid inconsistent formatting in markdown with rules to encourage standards and consistency for Markdown files.

Prettier - Code formatter

multi-language formatting tool, very good support for markdown

Mind Map

Mind map integration

Code Spell Checker

A basic spell checker that works well with code and documents.


Joplin notes integration Web Clipper browser extension to Notes, Notebooks, Tags.. within VsCode.


Help speed up blogging experience by publishing in markdown then converting HTML with Hugo. Will update as find more useful vscode extensions.

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