VScode Automating Creation Folder and Files

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VS-Code Folder Templates


Because creating the same directories over and over again is annoying to do manually.- Huuums

Automation…automation!!! We are always trying to improve things through automation. Let’s not stop with infrastructure and home automation. How about little tasks like creating repeatable templates for these blog posts.

This is my new favorite VScode extension for automating redundant tasks when not doing hobby projects that involve video and photograph this tool reminds me of the Digital Rebellion Posthaste, but for media.

Organize your projects with customizable templates - Digital Rebellion

Yes we could write a script to stick to the coder’s “code”????


Here comes the VS-Code Folder Templates extension to the rescue.

Create reusable files for everyday workflow. Need to focus on standards and patterns that are required to implement reusable files and folders.

Some of these may include:

  1. README.md
  2. index.html
  3. hackme.js
  4. custom.scss

Since we are blogging with Hugo lets use a simple file and directory setup:

│   │   index.md
│   │
│   └───images

In the root of the project folder create .fttemplates within that directory create blog add index.md and images folder.

│   ├───blog
│   │   │   index.md
│   │   └───images

Creating a post with the following: // blog -> index.md

# [FTName]
## Description

## Installation

## Usage

[FTName] will substitute anything executed when right clicking on folder to run template against.

Select template to use

Name: hacker-ninja-blog

    │   index.md

Mixing it up a bit with front matter data.

Template Input:

title: "[FTName]"
description: ""
image: "images/post/placeholder.png"


title: "hacker-ninja-blog"
description: ""
image: "images/post/placeholder.png"

The [FTName] also applies to filenames assuming have a css file:

// template-folder-name -> [FTName].css

.[FTName] {

This would create a file named hacker-ninja-blog.css with the following template.

.[hacker-ninja-blog] {


This is quick introduction to the VS-Code Folder Templates and there a lot moe configuration options that I am still learning check out the git repo vscode-fast-folder-structure.

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